Stuart Lloyd, Member of the R&A, St. Andrews and Member of Rules Committee

Eric is a fantastic teacher for all ages and abilities. My entire family, wife and 2 children had the pleasure of his expertise for a full day. Golfing abilities in our family are varied but Eric was able to instantly pick out the problems suggest corrections which were understandable by all. My son had a half day practice session then playing lesson. His golf has improved considerably the only downside is that he hit is driver so hard and long that he broke it - serve him right for out-driving me! The Sam PuttLab is awesme. We all had a putting lesson in the lounge in the dry and warm.
We were able to see what we had feared the most - a crooked stroke. The improvement in a short period of time was even measurable. We would all recommend Eric to you whatever your golfing ability.

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Eric Grandison Golf School
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