Michael Mueller - Bad Homburg, Germany

As a manufacturer of high-end golf clubs, I have a broad experience in clubmaking and clubfitting. But in the end it comes down to the man who swings the clubs. I had a hard time, when my abilities to hit the ball didn't really match with the potential of the clubs I produce - so I never got the best out of them. This improved dramatically when I met Eric: with a masterful knowledge of the golf swing and a noticeable ability to communicate it, he showed me how great my shots can be. He promises no "quick-fixes", rather a strategic approach to playing the game correctly, consisently and confidently. His diagnostic skills are superb, permitting him to quickly analyse problems. If you are keen to improve and prepared to put in the work, he is right here for you and moreover, he provides an outstanding service - like organising an unforgettable visit to the "Open Championship

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