Duncan Stewart, Glendale House Edinburgh - Craigielaw Member

For some time my golf had been in decline, I was struggling with most departments of my game and my head was a total mess. I had on numerous occasions gone to other golf coaches and parted with quite a lot of money, unfortunately to no avail ,worst still my handicap was getting perilously close to the B section and that's when I first met Eric. After the pleasantries of our first meeting he asked how my game was,you can imagine my answer and guarded response not really prepared to take on any more advise or waste any more money with another golf coach. He was sympathetic and totally understanding, however he asked for a chance to let me see what he could do and I have to admit his positive approach won me over, suffice to say that after a course of hands on lessons and an unscrambling of my mind I'm now back to 8.6 playing out of Craigielaw
Thank you Eric your coaching skills and understanding of game of golf are second to none.

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