Andrew Westwood - Inverurie

Just a note to thank you for the very pleasant stay at Craigielaw. 

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed the 'Full Service' experience.  Over the 2 1/2 days, all aspects of the game were covered and changed for the better.  Ball striking has improved by 100%.  My round yesterday produced only 2 'duff' shots instead of the normal 10 - 20.  And, what was important was, when I duffed, I knew what I had done (actually - not done!).  Fairways were hit, and putts holed.  Saturdays are fun again! 

I can highly recommend the experience.  If you can teach a 60-year-old 22 handicapper to drive straight, chip and pitch to the green, and hole 15 footers, then anyone can learn.  Great fun, not too hard work, and the results worth every penny. 

The difference in my game was spotted within 2 holes this weekend and I think you may be getting a call from my partners.

I will be back for more next year. 

Best regards 

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