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Eric Grandison Golf School - Player Development Programmes
The Player Development Programmes provides an structured, affordable, enjoyable and less intimidating environment to learn the game of Golf and at the same time lower your scores, whether you’re totally new to the game or trying to break 100, 90 or 80 for the very first time. Regardless of your ability, skill level, you will have the opportunity to improve at your own pace during the 12 months of your chosen program with expert Professional Golf Coach Eric Grandison. Eric will invite you to discuss in detail a programme that suits your need & requirements & goals.  

Eric Grandison Golf School - Player Development Programmes can be specifically tailored to suit the Player and his/her individual requirements.

  • Active Golf Start
  • Learn to Play Golf
  • Practice to Play Golf
  • Learn to Compete
  • Practice to Compete
  • Learn to Excel
  • Practice to Excel
  • Excel to the Next Level

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Eric Grandison Golf School
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