• BAL.ON - UK's Official Launch DEMO DAY Craigielaw G.C. 13th & 14th July 10.00-16.00


    Expert Golf Instruction with Eric Grandison - PGA Professional

    Learn NOW How to Build Your Golf Swing from the Ground up with Ultimate Balance Control!

    • Balance Measurement
    • Biomechanics Analysis
    • State of the Art Biomechanics
  • Ladies Only School

              LADIES "ONLY" SCHOOL

    • Master the Key Fundamentals
    • Grip, Address, One piece takeaway, Balance, Acceleration
    • Learn how to achieve the correct Ball Position
    • Learn how to achieve the correct Posture
    • Learn how to achieve correct alignment
    • Pre-Shot Routine that works every time
    • Learn how to aim like a Pro
    • Learn  SWING-PLANE 
    • Practice like a Pro
    • V1 PRO Video Analysis
    • BAL.ON 
    • Flight-Scope
    • Swing Plane 


    Eric Grandison will not only teach you how to become a better overall player quickly and effectively, he will also teach you how to achieve better Swing Dynamic's through developing disciplined key fundamentals which will prove to be the essential building blocks to future continuous improvement in which will lead to a more proficient Swing Sequence and an enhanced distance control with every club through the bag. Knowing exactly how far you hit each club is key to every club selection and to playing your best & achieving your very best score!

  • Drive The Ball School

    "DRIVE THE BALL" Golf School includes:

    • Learn to Create the correct posture
    • Learn to Create Correct Set-Up angles & alignment
    • Learn Swing Balance from start to finish
    • Learn Ball Positions
    • Learn better Swing Techniques that work
    • Learn Visualisation
    • Learn How to Practice with efficiency that works
    • Learn to Score by hitting more fairways
    • Increase your Driver Club-head speed
    • Increase your Ball Speed
    • Increase your Smash Factor
    • V1 Video Swing Analysis
    • FlightScope X2 3D Ultrasonic Doppler Radar Launch Monitor analysis
    • BAL.ON - Balance Measurement Biomechanics Analysis
    • Improve accuracy – Hit More Fairways

                 "LEARN TO SCORE" 

    This is my specialised 1 day "Learn to Score" School where you will learn the skills and practice techniques that you can use and implement for a life of improved scoring!

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Eric Grandison Golf School
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