Eric Grandison's teaching methods focus on the four specific areas of the game.

The focus of this 5 day 21 hour VIP School is to guide and teach you how to master the fundamentals and show you how to" take it to the course". Attention to fundamentals, no matter what level of play, paves the way to better golf and consistent great ball striking.

In this school we will concentrate on areas 1,2,3 and 4 which are important building blocks to better golf and future consistency. Day 4+5 will concentrate on two 18-hole playing lessons with video swing analysis of your "on course swings" after every 9 hole session.

1. Grip, address, one piece takeaway, balance, acceleration
2. Learn to score
3. Course Strategy
4. Practice like a Pro

Day 1 - Area 1 ... 3 hours
This session will concentrate on fine tuning the skills of grip, address, one piece takeaway, balance and acceleration. Video swing analysis will be used to capture your swing, demonstrating the faults and improvements. Using split screen clearly shows the before and after results.

Day 2 - Area 2 ... 3 hours
This session will concentrate on "Learning to Score". Focus will be on short game techniques and all shots from "50 yards and in". Chipping, pitching, putting and sand play will be covered, including techniques on all those "tricky" shots around the green.

Day 3 - Area 1, 2, 3, 4 ... 3 hours
This session will concentrate on all specific areas 1, 2, 3 and 4. Focus will be on course strategy, practice like a pro and "taking it to the course." 6 holes will be played where you will be taught how to take advantage of your new learned skills and techniques and implement them into your game on the golf course, which will truly enhance your golfing experience.

Day 4 ... 6 hours
Day 4 concentrates on "Taking it to the course". This on-course 6 hour session includes a 9 hole playing lesson in the morning and will conclude with video analysis of your "on course swings". Lunch break with your Pro. In the afternoon we will continue with the 2nd 9 holes and finalise with video swing analysis of your "on course swings".

Day 5 ... 6 hours
Day 5 will be a continuation of Day 4 with two 9 hole playing lessons which will conclude with video analysis of your "on course swings". Lunch with your Pro.

These programmes have been designed to cater for everyone's needs and, most importantly, you will find each programme fun, educational and highly professional.

  • A personalised practice program will be designed for each participant with a personal take home DVD
  • "Taking part in this school will truly take your game to an entirely new level"
5 Day VIP School   ...   £680
per person (min. 2 participants - max. 4). Introduce a friend!

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